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Vehicle Diagnostics in Wallingford | Modern Garage Services

At Chequers Garage Ltd, we pride ourselves on our innovative approach towards garage services. This is why we provide state-of-the-art vehicle diagnostics for car owners in the nearby Wallingford area. As a prominent garage that also undertakes MOT testing, car servicing and car repairs, we believe that our approved MOT garage and inspection facility is leading the way in Oxfordshire. We also supply and fit a full range of replacement tyres.

Vehicle diagnostics may sound complicated but the process is actually very simple to explain. The vehicle’s ECU (Electronic Control Unit) warns you of potential problems with the engine or an electrical fault by displaying a warning light on the dashboard.

Most modern cars are fitted with an ECU, and our vehicle diagnostics tooling provides a detailed scan of your electrical sub-system. We perform diagnostics by using equipment that plugs directly into the ECU. The tooling used at our garage near Wallingford has approval from our industry, and also from a range of well-known manufacturers.

The car’s on-board computer transmits stored codes to our vehicle diagnostics machinery, which give our technicians a clear indication of what is wrong with your car. Ultimately, the results of vehicle diagnostics help our car servicing and MOT garage to recommend the most suitable car repairs for trade and private clients in Wallingford and Oxfordshire.

Even worn brakes, thanks to the sensors used on modern pads, fall into the world of engine diagnostics. Some garage services, such as MOT testing and the replacement of tyres, still used a combination of visual inspection and mechanical techniques. Others sit firmly in the world of engine management, an area where our technicians truly excel.

Today, even full car servicing now relies heavily on engine management work.


Innovative Trade and Industry Technology

The technology behind our equipment ensures the delivery of garage services and car repairs in less time. Vehicle diagnostics save our mechanics from having to troubleshoot for hours at a time, and also save our Wallingford customers money. The warning lights on dashboards immediately highlight sub-system problems that could end up causing more serious damage to a car or a light commercial vehicle if the issue was left unchecked.

Vehicle diagnostics equipment can identify anything from the need for an oil change to an air conditioning malfunction. The data we receive on our equipment relates to individual faults. This gives us an accurate diagnosis of where the problem lies and makes it much easier for us to put things right without the concern of extortionate labour costs.

Reliable MOT Testing and Car Servicing in Wallingford

We pride ourselves on finding tailored solutions with all of our garage services. As an approved DVSA MOT garage, our MOT testing services are available 6 days a week for customers in the Wallingford area. If you have tyres that need changing, our team is able to take care of replacements with efficiency and at a price you can genuinely afford.

Chequer Garage Ltd supplies branded and budget tyres, including the latest products from market-leading companies such as Dunlop, Pirelli and Firestone. Please be aware that we take customer safety seriously, and never fit part-worn tyres which could present a danger to Wallingford motorists. Our garage services never put the customer at risk.

We undertake full and interim car servicing with total professionalism, and work to manufacturer schedules so that our garage services match those provided by main dealerships. We are also on hand to provide mechanical car repairs for our valued local customers in Wallingford and all surrounding parts of the Oxfordshire area.

If you live in Wallingford or the surrounding area, call 01235 850347 for more information on car repairs, MOT testing and the supply and fitting of new tyres.